Rules of the Summer Pairs Dressage Series

This is an Unaffiliated Dressage Series

You can gain points at any of our Unaffiliated Competitions from April to September,

Simply enter as normal into the classes you would normally but at the same time as entering please enter your pair. At the end of the competition you will be placed in the normal class plus your pairs % will be added together, then divided by 2 to come up with your pairs score. This will be entered into the pairs class over all levels and we will have placings on the day plus you will earn points as below.

There is no age limit on the pairs taking part.

Horses/Ponies at all levels can take part from Intro to Elementary. (Horses competing at Elementary normally may not compete at Intro, Prelim or Novice. Horses competing at Novice normally may not compete at Intro or Prelim.) Horses/Ponies can move up the levels but not compete lower than the level they normally compete at.

Horses/ponies can be ridden twice in the same pair (mother/daughter shared or 2 friends riding same horse/pony).

Pairs can be made up of riders competing in any level of test (i.e. a pair both riding at intro or novice or any combination of each of the levels available).

Pairs must have a name.

This is a fun Dressage Series and so it is reliant on competitors entering into the spirit of this competition !!!!!

We will not exclude BD Competitors but please understand this is an Unaffiliated League and you may not gain points at a level lower than you normally compete at !! Checks will be made if needed

My Decision is Final

Trophies up for grabs, Sashes & Jackets for the winning pair

Fabulous Mega Rosettes for the 1 st to 6 th Pairs

Table will be published at the end of each month so you can keep an eye on how you are doing

The winning Pair is the pair with the most points at the end of the series

Points as follows

1st 6 points

2nd 5 points

3rd 4 points

4th 3 points

5th 2 points

6th 1 points

Have Fun!!

Summer Pairs Series

Rider Name






Caroline Heard Suzie Greensitt Bloss Beech

Beechmount Frankel



Joanne Tebb Rachel Nicholls Dressage Divas

Dovecote Rebel The Cavalier


Julie Masheder Fiona Masheder All About Sadie

Sadie Sadie


Sam Taylor Eggleson Tez Brown Little & Large

The Admiral Gypsie


Tez Brown Lea Anne Smith Colour Due O

Digby Summer


Cheryl Shaw Deborah Gazzard London & County Surveyors

Taiforgan Bendigo Everest II


Kayleigh Hughes Katy Hallows Tweedle Dee’s

Gladiator Flo


Lauren Jackson Vicki Hainsworth 2 Shades of Grey

Magali Rocco


Riley Baker Danielle Burns Disney Does Dressage

Tinks Aladdin


Linda Munro Jo Akrill The Golden Girls

Hugo Bear Lady Lou Lou