We have a livery packaged that is suited to your needs.

Full Livery from £155

Full livery is suitable for those who would like their horses looked after and exercised each day by our staff. Each horse has their own groom who is designated to take care of their daily needs. The price for full livery includes all feed, bedding, daily care (mucking out, grooming, tack cleaning) and daily exercise for your horse. Horses on full livery enjoy full use of all of our schools and arenas. We will also supervise all vet and farrier visits for your horse.
All shoeing, veterinary and equipment repair costs will be charged directly to livery owners.


Part Livery £115 per week

Part livery is suitable for those who have limited time to do the basics, mucking out etc & may need some help with limited exercise. Our staff will turnout, muck out and bring your horse in, the option for having your horse exercised when you are unable (a small additional cost), all you have to do is enjoy riding and spending time with your horse. The price includes 2 basic feeds a day, hay adlib, and shavings bedding (1 bale a week included if extra required charged at £6.50 per bale).Use of our arenas is included in the price 

Assisted DIY livery £45 per week

Assisted DIY livery for those who want to have use of our facilities and have the time to do the majority themselves. Assisted means you can have limited services available on request for example Turning out, bringing in, muckout etc This is a great package for those who like to do the majority themselves but may not always be able to do so.

Individual Turnout now available for all livery clients on request
To discuss your individual needs 
please contact  Trudy by email trudy@hillhouseequestrian.com