Franklin Method Clinic with Ruth Fleet

15 Aug 20

a tier 2 Franklin Method ® Equestrian Spine and Core Trainer - one of only 8 globally 🌍

9am - 5pm 

45 minute sessions £40 including arena hire

Contact Ruth direct to book 07885279099

 (Social distancing rules applied - outdoor arenas, 1 helper per rider, no toilets available to use) 

Equestrians need to be coordinated and balanced in their own bodies to be able to adequately adapt to the constant movement beneath them while riding. 

They also need to be mentally focused in order to connect and communicate with their horse. 

The Franklin Method combines anatomical embodiment and imagery to improve awareness, train the mind-body connection, and produce efficient movement. With practice of the Franklin Method, equestrians become more aware of not only their own movement, but also the movement of their horse. Consequently, the connection between horse and rider becomes more clear and precise.