Evening Unaffiliated Dressage League

19 Jul 19

Class 1. BD Intro A or Intro B OPEN TO ALL

Class 2.Preliminary 7 or Preliminary 12 OPEN TO ALL

Class 3. Novice 24 or Novice 30 OPEN TO ALL

Class 4. Elementary 44 or 50 OPEN TO ALL

You may enter more than one test in the PICK A TEST classes

Entry Fees : £13 per test. Entries Close : Wednesday 1pm. Rosettes to 6th place in each class.

Start Times : Wednesday after 6pm on www.hillhouseequestrian.com

Refreshments available.

Enter by email trudy@hillhouseequestrian.com


Please come in on time if you do not have a number disc please ensure judge knows your number

Please come in on time if you do not have a number disc please ensure judge knows your number


Rules of the Evening Summer Unaffiliated Dressage League

This is an Unaffiliated League

There are Trophies up for grabs, at each level plus an Overall Points Trophy

Fabulous Mega Rosettes for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd at each Level

Table will be published after each evening, so you can keep an eye on how you are doing

Not too many rules

1. You can only gain points at the highest level you compete at ie if you do 1 prelim & 1 novice points will only be awarded to the novice test

2. Each evening will have “Pick a test” classes, you may enter either 1 or both of the tests within the class & the points will be awarded over the whole class

3. If you compete at Novice/Elementary level normally at our Hill House Competitions, you may not enter & gain points at Intro or Prelim

4. We will not exclude BD Competitors but please understand this is an Unaffiliated League & you may not gain points at a level lower than you normally compete at !! Checks will be made if needed

My Decision is Final

The winner is the person with the most points at the end series of competitions

Points awarded according to the % you gain in each test

Intro :- 50% and above ie 50% 1 point / 51% 2 points / 53% 3 points & so on

Prelim :- 55% and above ie 55% 1 point / 56% 2 points / 57% 3 points & so on

Novice :- 58% & above ie 58 % 1 point / 59% 2 points / 60% 3 points & so on

Elementary :- 60% & above ie 60 % 1 point / 61% 2 points /63% 3 points & so on