New Year Unaffiliated Show Jumping

30 Dec 18

Hill House Equestrian New Year Show

Sunday 30th December

9.30am Clear Round £5 per round First class starts 10am


Class 1. Fences 40cms Single Phase

Class 2. Fences 50cms Single Phase

Class 3. Horse & Hound

Class will be 6 jumps on horse back followed by 6 on foot with hound.

Fences not to exceed 55cm in 1st half of course

Fences not to exceed 40cm in 2nd half of course

Class 4.Fences 60cm Single Phase.

Class 5 will not start before 12.30pm

Class 5. ACCUMULATOR WITH JOKER Jumps start at 70 and go to a maximum of 75 and increase in difficulty. Points are awarded for each fence jumped (1 point for fence 1, 2 points for fence 2 etc) optional higher joker fence with double points – but if knocked down points will be deducted. Will be timed from first fence and in equality of points, time will decide placings.

Class 6. Fences 80cm Single Phase


Fences not to exceed 75cm in 1st half of course Fences not to exceed 85cm in 2nd half of course

Rider & horse/pony combinations may only compete in one Pairs class

Optional “Joker” Fence SEE PAIRS RULES BELOW

Class 8 will not start before 3pm

Class 8. Fences 90cm Single Phase.

Class 9. Fences 1m Single Phase.

Class 10. Fences 1.10m Single Phase.

Horse & rider combinations that enter Class 1 may not enter Classes 5,6,7 & 8


Entries on the day Entry Fee £10 in all classes.

£2.50p per rider 1st Aid provided by “Strike Force”

Prizes given by sponsors will be presented on the overall result of the class

British Show Jumping “Ticket to Ride” awarded 1st place in both sections as follows

5 to 10 entries 1st Prize £15 11 to 15 2nd Prize £10 16 to 20 3rd Prize £5

Rosettes awarded to both sections in each class 1st to 6th regardless of entry numbers


The pairs competition will be judged on the fastest time with 5 seconds added for each knock down.

The 1st combination to jump must hand over the whip to the 2nd combination having jumped the 1st part of the course. The 2nd combination then jumps the 2nd part of the course.

The Time is started when the 1st combination passes through the start and stopped when the 2nd combination passes through the finish.

If either combination is Eliminated (3 refusals) the other combination may take the whip and complete the course from the point of Elimination.

The whip must be carried by both riders & if dropped must be picked up by the rider

Having completed the course ONE of the pair may have ONE attempt at the JOKER fence(not timed) if jumped clear 20 seconds will be subtracted from the time BUT if refused or knocked down 20 seconds will be added.

The winning combination is the pair with the fastest time.

Tel 07971 406582 to see how classes are running on day