Rui Campeao Clinic

25 Aug 20

Classically trained Portuguese GP rider and trainer Rui has the massive range of ability to work on your young unbacked, or established advanced horse from the ground, help train you on your young horse from the first time he is sat on, then take them right the way up the training levels to GP!! 

Many of his riders Qualify for The Nationals, The Regionals, Home Internationals and Team MCI GB!! 

His training scale is massive, Rui is the complete package....... 

Horses and riders of ALL abilities and ALL breeds are very welcome to join in on this classically trained journey. 

Rui comes highly recommended through some of the UK's top Chiropractors with his Classically trained techniques, helping with strength and straightness.

£70 for 45 minutes includes arena hire payment in advance will secure your space
Contact Rebecca Kingswood to book on 
Facebook or 07803 933292